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Welcome to the Hearst Castle press room

Below you will find photos and videos available for media use upon request. Preview them in the Photo & Video Gallery and then place your request using the Request Form at the bottom of this page. You may also request a complimentary tour of Hearst Castle using the Request Form. For more information about Hearst Castle that is available for media use, visit our Facts & Stats page.

Photo & Video Gallery

Place a request to use any of the photos or videos below using the Request Form at the bottom of this page.

  • Assembly Room

    ID: P1 | Assembly Room

  • Refectory

    ID: P2 | Refectory

  • Billiard Room

    ID: P3 | Billard Room

  • Neptune Pool

    ID: P4 | Neptune Rd

  • Front Facade

    ID: P5 | Front Facade

  • Gothic Study

    ID: P6 | Gothic Study

  • Hearst Castle

    ID: P7 | Hearst Castle

  • Pantry

    ID: P8 | Pantry

  • Roman Pool

    ID: P9 | Roman Pool

  • South Gothic Bedroom

    ID: P10 | South Gothic Bedroom

  • Castle in the Clouds

    ID: P11 | Castle in the Clouds

  • Assembly Room

    ID: V1 | Assembly Room

  • Refectory

    ID: V2 | Refectory

  • Neptune Pool

    ID: V3 | Neptune Pool

  • Billiard Room

    ID: V4 | Video Title

  • Video 5

    ID: V5 | Video Title

  • Video 6

    ID: V6 | Video Title

  • Video 7

    ID: V7 | Video Title

Hearst Castle Facts

View our Facts & Stats page for information available for media use.

Request Form

Use this form to request photos or videos for media use, or to request a complimentary tour of Hearst Castle.

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