Available in the spring and fall, the Hearst Castle Evening Tour allows you to view  this historic California mansion in the twilight hours—just as Mr. Hearst’s own guests did in the 1930s. Wind your way through House A (Casa del Mar), Casa Grande’s social rooms, guest accommodations, the Main Library and Mr. Hearst’s own private Gothic Suite. Docents dressed  in 1930s period attire complete the experience, bringing the Castle to life once again.

Physical Requirements

The Evening Tour is 1 hour and 40 minutes long. It includes approximately 308 stairs, both up and down, and a 3/4-mile route to walk. For those who have difficulty walking or standing for extensive lengths of time, we recommend the Accessibly Designed Evening Tour which is also wheelchair accessible.

Tour Changes and Cancellation Policy
Subject to availability, changes in tour date or time can be made for a fee of $3.50 per ticket. Cancellations can be made up to one hour before the tour start time, by calling 1-800-695-2269, with a $7.00 cancellation fee and a $3.50 service fee per ticket.

Visit the Grounds

House A: Casa Del Mar
Assembly Room
The Kitchen
The Gothic Suite
Billiard Room
The Gardens
Neptune Pool
Roman Pool
  • 1 House A: Casa Del Mar

    Referred to as “House A,” its formal name is Casa del Mar—Spanish for “House of the Sea”—Hearst’s family stayed there while Casa Grande was being built. Stroll through the sumptuous house overlooking the California Central Coast to see where Mr. Hearst lived for the last two years of his residence at this hilltop estate.

  • 2 Assembly Room

    Gather in the grand social room on the ground floor of Casa Grande just as W. R. Hearst’s guests did decades ago for cocktails, conversation, and a chance to meet their host.  Experience the massive room with its historic tapestries dating to the 16th century and masterpieces of neoclassical sculpture.

  • 3 Refectory

    Mr. Hearst and architect Julia Morgan named the dining room after the term for a monastery dining hall. Its high windows, bright silk banners, and gleaming silver candlesticks convey the atmosphere of a church from the middle age. But, the mustard and ketchup bottles show that Mr. Hearst liked to keep things informal at the ranch.

  • 4 The Kitchen

    Explore the enormous kitchen where all meals were prepared for Mr. Hearst and his vacationing guests. The kitchen itself is full of practical devices—including stock pots, industrial-sized mixers, and early refrigerators—which stand today just as they did decades ago.

  • 5 Library

    This imposing architectural space houses more than 4,000 books, and also showcases one of Mr. Hearst’s most treasured collections: 150 ancient Greek vases, all more than two thousand years old. At 80 feet in length and filled with precious objects, the Library is truly a place to get lost in.

  • 6 The Gothic Suite

    Hearst Castle’s third floor consists of W. R. Hearst’s private quarters, in addition to some of his most treasured collections and sacred objects. Wander through the suite’s two bedrooms and private sitting room that he and Marion Davies occupied, after exploring the soaring and mysterious church-like Gothic Study.

  • 7 Billiard Room

    The Billiard Room was a popular spot, where guests could relax and play both billiards and pool. This baroque game room is decorated with a variety of gaming themes, but it also boasts a 15th century Spanish ceiling painted with scenes of courtly life, in addition to a Flemish tapestry from 1500.

  • 8 Theater

    The Theater is where W. R. Hearst and his Hollywood film star companion Marion Davies joined guests every night to watch a full-length movie and newsreel. Today, as a guest of the Castle, you’ll be able to view a short film featuring historic Castle footage.

  • 9 The Gardens

    Once the guided portion of the tour concludes, explore the expansive garden grounds that surround “La Cuesta Encantada”—Hearst’s Spanish name for The Enchanted Hill. Look for native plants, rare flowers and lush foliage that have been at the Castle since Mr. Hearst resided here.

  • 10 Neptune Pool

    Continue the tour at your own pace to the dramatic and impressive Neptune Pool, and be sure to walk around the colonnades and Cassou statutes that provided the setting for lavish pool parties and lively social gatherings.

  • 11 Roman Pool

    Located immediately before you board the bus back to the Visitor Center, the intensely detailed, indoor Roman Pool is the perfect place to stop and reflect. Modeled after ancient Roman baths, this meticulously detailed, majestic pool is tiled from ceiling to floor, and features eight statues of Roman gods, goddesses and heroes.

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